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Nisekoi (Final Review)

Raku Ichijo, the son to a Yakuza gang boss, dreams of one day escaping from the Yakuza lifestyle by going to college in the city and becoming a civil servant.  Accompanying this dream is an equally important dream—finding his childhood love who holds the key to the matching locket necklace he wears on his neck.  While walking to school, Raku has fate knee him in the face (quite literally) as he encounters Chitoge Kirisaki and loses his locket.  As Raku and Chitoge continue to interact, it is plain to see that despite their poor chemistry and Raku’s childhood promise, they’re going to have to put up with one another…for better or for worse.

Preliminary Review



Posted on Tuesday, June 17th 2014

Where have you gone? :O

Asked by thetangles

Wah!  I’m sorry!  I’ve been so busy lately with other things and actually haven’t had time to watch much anime.  I usually never fall behind this bad, but I’ve only been keeping up with Haikyu, One Week Friends, and Mekaku City Actors, and BokuMinna and am even a week behind on those.

I hope to post my review for Nisekoi before the end of the weekend, so that’s something!

Posted on Thursday, June 12th 2014

I'm sorry, I'm doing the thing again where I raid your tags. Just finished Kids on the Slope, madly in love. As always, thank you for the wonderful sourced art!

Asked by indirectkissesiniceland

Feel free to raid my tags anytime!  It’s why I have them all tagged!  I’m so glad that you loved Kids on the Slope.  It’s still one of my absolute favorite anime!  Definitly glad you enjoyed it!

Posted on Thursday, June 12th 2014

This season I’m watching both Black Bullet and The Irregular at Magic High School.  While I’m not doing a review of either, I am actually quite enjoying both of them more than I thought I would—definitely more now than I was at the beginning of the season.

While neither are particularly spectacular either in story or artistically, they are definitely decently put together shows.  Besides, I think I’ve mentioned time and time again that I kind of have a thing for lower budget productions.  They may not have the hype, they may not be the best technically, but they’re solid shows that stand on their own two feet

While watching these two shows—shows with entirely different premises and groups of characters—I couldn’t help but notice that there are quite a few similarities, and these similarities are actually the things I’m enjoying about each series.  And it makes sense that they’re similar in genre simply because of the fact the light novels for both series are published by the same company.

Over the next couple days (or weeks) I’m gonna be looking at these two series, the categories/tropes they have in common, and deciding which in which series I like that more.  It seemed like a fun idea to try!



Posted on Wednesday, June 4th 2014