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A friend of mine wanted me to play the visual novel for DRAMAtical Murder.  Yes, it’s a BL game (one that is very graphic and adult in multiple ways), which is probably why not that many people are watching the anime; however, the anime is rather wonderful. 

The BL has been pretty much cut out (with probably less homoeroticism than Free! honestly),and parts of the stories, especially the character routes, are a bit rushed, BUT what made this series stand out, and what kept me intrigued by the game despite the mature and sometimes objectionable content, is what the anime highlights.

The series in itself is highly intelligent, dealing with many different realistically traumatic and psychological situations.  Noiz’s route and Noiz as a character were my favorite to play and, frankly, I was incredibly pleased with the episode of the anime that dealt with this character.  Noiz is a very psychologically wounded 19 year old, and when I played the game I was surprised by just how young, vulnerable, and childlike he was.  Of course, I was also surprised (and continue to adore) how sweet, independent, and wise Aoba is.  Characterization wise, he’s far more complex than most typical Player Characters from Visual Novels.

As of yet, all of the things that made the game a BL game have been glossed over or eradicated completely, and if the BL nature of the source material was the reason for avoiding the franchise, I would highly suggest you try the anime.  Despite the fact that many episodes have been poorly animated and the plot has slow progression at the beginning, if you’re a fan of psycholgical dystopian anime, DRAMAtical Murder is one that is rather well written in my opinion.

IAO is also very excited for Clear’s route next week, which had some of the most philosophically intense conversation I’ve seen from a game and deeply hope the anime keeps.

Posted on Monday, August 25th 2014

Summer 2014 Season & Blog Update

So it’s really late for this, and I know I’ve been a bit MIA.  I had a job over the summer with really long hours that made watching anime rather difficult, but am now back to substitute teaching and relative unemployment, so I’ve been able to catch up enough to form a coherent list of what I am actually watching even though the season is already halfway over.

Here’s what’s on my queue:

Currently Watching (High Priority)

  • Free! - Eternal Summer
  • Haikyu!!
  • Black Butler: Book of Circus
  • Love Stage!!
  • Re: Hamatora
  • Sword Art Online II
  • Terror in Resonance
  • Tokyo Ghoul

Currently Watching (Low Priority)

  • Akame ga Kill
  • DRAMAtical Murder
  • Fairy Tail (Dub)
  • Mushishi Zoku Shou
  • The Irregular at Magic High School

I am not yet certain whether or not I’m up to full reviews, and honestly, the long Final Review’s take over 2hrs to write, and I’m not certain I’ll have the time or presence of mind to write them; HOWEVER, I do want to do reviews for some of the shows this season that are more like my Preliminary Reviews, shorter and much more too the point.

The shows I’m thinking about reviewing at the very end are Tokyo Ghoul, Terror in Resonance, Haikyu!!, and possible The Irregular at Magic High School.  As I rule, I’ve never done reviews on second seasons, which is why those are out of contention.

I can’t promise I’ll be around much, but I will try and pop in with comments and such.  I’m trying to find a way to keep this blog active without having to resort to only reblogs.  Also, I’m getting more wary of posting art from Pixiv even though I always give credit where credit is due and check the artist profile to make sure they don’t have a “no repost” clause, so I won’t be posting much artwork.  I will try to queue things in advance, though.

Any suggestions for reviews or other such things as I attempt to get back into the swing of aniblogging?

Posted on Monday, August 25th 2014

I am, quite honestly, enjoying this arc of SAO the most out of all three arcs.  One of the reasons, I feel, lies in the perk of having two similarly built arcs come before it which allows for more plot-building rather than world-building.

Right away, the GGO arc starts of with basic premise, revealing of larger plot, and world-building.  Plot and world-building are done simultaneously, which I find is much better than giving us an initial premise, setting up the world, and then throwing in a chunk of plot towards the end of the arc.

I am also really enjoying Sinon as a character.  She doesn’t have the overtly strong “harem” vibe (until this episode) that many of the other female characters have had from the moment they were introduced, and that is something that I appreciate about her.  I also appreciate the fact that she was demystified pretty early on as it adds to the tension between the Sinon of the real world and the game world but also adds another unsung layer of tension between her and Kirito, which will be interesting to see come into fruition.

Ultimately, I’m very interested to see how GGO plays out and, honestly, and enjoying season two much more than I did season one, which is amusing because I was certain I’d enjoy this arc the least.

Also…Kirito would bring a sword to a gunfight.

Posted on Saturday, August 9th 2014

You know, there’s always that “hopeless protagonist” trope for these kinds of shows, but I feel like Kaneki is possibly the one of those archetypes that I feel rather bad for.  He’s a bit more hopeless than most start out.  Kind of gives me a very Ganta Igarashi (Deadman Wonderland) feel when I watch him cope with his new situation.

Courtesy of 雪漣月 on Pixiv

Posted on Sunday, August 3rd 2014